Why does OUR Walmart need members?

OUR Walmart is an organization of, by, and for current and former Walmart Associates. We can only achieve our mission of gaining respect at Walmart by acting together. Through OUR Walmart we connect, educate each other, and take actions to improve our company and our work environment.

Why are Associates joining OUR Walmart?

This is our opportunity to improve our work environment and our lives, and OUR Walmart is what we make of it. Together we give each other the support and strength to address the challenges that arise in our stores every day.

Who is eligible to join OUR Walmart?

OUR Walmart is open to any current or former hourly Walmart Associate who is ready to stand up for respect and change. Associates from Department Managers to cashiers are joining to make ourselves heard.

Could I be fired if I join OUR Walmart?

Walmart Associates have the legal right to engage in concerted activity – that means you have the right to take action together with your fellow associates to improve things at work. It is against the law for Walmart to fire Associates for joining OUR Walmart. We all enjoy Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association, and it is up to us to exercise those freedoms.

Are there other members of OUR Walmart at my store?

Associates are signing up across the country. Through local store and regional meetings and online conversations, members of OUR Walmart can connect with each other after joining the organization.

I’m not planning on making my job at Walmart into a career. Why should I join?

Few of us choose to make Walmart a career. In fact, Walmart counts on high turnover to keep their costs low. And as the largest private employer in the US, Walmart sets the standard for jobs. We all have a stake in bringing positive change to Walmart whether we stay there or not.

I’m a former Walmart Associate. Why should I join?

Many former Walmart Associates join OUR Walmart to show support for their friends and former coworkers. Some of wish we had been treated more respectfully at work and hope that current and future Associates will be treated fairly.

I’m happy with my job at Walmart. Why should I join?

Many of us like some parts of our work—interacting with customers and giving great service or the relationships with have with other Associates, for example. But we all know that our company could be better and that many Associates are not treated with the respect they deserve. OUR Walmart is working to create a future where we succeed in our careers, our company succeeds in business, and our customers receive great service and value. If you share these values we invite you to become a member today!



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