OUR Walmart marks its public launch with national “Speak Week” actions in Texas, Florida, California, Washington State, Maryland, and Missouri. OUR Walmart members gather to share individual stories, discuss the challenges faced in stores commit to building a strong, public organization to win respect for all Associates.

One hundred OUR Walmart members arrive in Bentonville,AR to commit to stand together to make a change. Together, we penned OUR Walmart’s Declaration of Respect, calling on Walmart Inc. to listen to and respect Associates. We delivered the declaration to Home Office and met with Walmart Senior Vice President of Global Labor Relations Karen Casey, who promised there would be no retaliation for speaking out.

OUR Walmart launches organization website – ForRespect.org and Facebook page to unite thousands online.

OUR Walmart makes its first headline in the New York Times!


Respect DC holds flash mob action in a Walmart store in Maryland with the clear message: “Respect DC and Respect Associates”


First national poll of Walmart Associates finds 6o% say their biggest economic concern is not making enough money to pay the bills.


National best-selling author Barbara Ehrenreich, who worked at Walmart while researching her book Nickel and Dimed: On Not Getting By in America, becomesan official OUR Walmart member.


OUR Walmart exposes the company’s decision to rollback health care for part-time Associates and substantially increases premiums for full-time workers.  Associates got the word out to other Associates in stores and online-across the country, and OUR Walmart members were propelled into the national debate on affordable health care in America on national TV, radio, and press outlets.

Walmart members returned to Bentonville, AR to meet with national and international financial analysts and advisors to investors. Five OUR Walmart members were on a panel explaining how the company’s cost cutting and low staffing levels harm Associates, customers, and shareholders. Months later a Dutch pension withdrew its money from Walmart.



The number of OUR Walmart online activists soars!


Hundreds of Walmart Associates, warehouse workers, and community allies from across the country meet for the first time to author a set of United Demands for workers and our communities, followed by a demonstration at Walmart in Crenshaw, Los Angeles. The United Demands include: Paying o Living Income, Provide Affordable Health Core, Put its Promises in Writing, and Guarantee Freedom of Speech and Association for ALL Employees.

The ” Nitro” Tour kicks off its countrywide tour as a part of the “Walmart at so” campaign. Associates shared their stories of what it’s like to work for the largest private employer to capture the real story of Walmart’s impacts on the American economy.


OUR Walmart member, Venanzi Luna, issued a national petition calling for the resignation of CEO Mike Duke and Chair Rob Walton after the bribery scandal and reported cover-up involving top Walmart executives. Venanzi delivered 25,000 signatures to Walmart executives at the Annual Shareholders meeting.


OUR Walmart members planted its flag in Bentonville,AR for the third t ime at the company’s Annual  Shareholders meeting. There, OUR Walmart connected with thousands of other Associates from across the country and around the world, sharing common challenges faced in every store: understaffing, not enough hours, and lack of affordable health care for our families.

In Los Angeles, OUR Walmart members led 10,000 at the largest-ever march calling on the retail giant to treat its Associates with respect. OUR Walmart members, warehouse workers, musicians, politicians, union –delegations, and community supporters shouted ‘Walmart hurts the 99 percent” and “Walmart, Walmart, you’re no good. Treat your workers like you should.”


OUR Walmart online activists members met face-to-face to reflect on the successful year of online activism and developed a game plan to extend its interactions and impacts with more Associates. The  event was held at the historic Highlander Center in Tennessee, the facility where civil rights activist Rosa Parks was trained.

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"I'm standing up to Walmart because I believe that we shouldn’t have to decide between going to the doctor and paying our bills.”
Charmaine Givens-Thomas, Illinois
Legal Notice: UFCW and OUR Walmart have the purpose of helping Walmart employees as individuals or groups in their dealings with Walmart over labor rights and standards and their efforts to have Walmart publicly commit to adhere to labor rights and standards. UFCW and OUR Walmart have no intent to have Walmart recognize or bargain with UFCW or OUR Walmart as the representative of its employees. Courts have enjoined non-Associate UFCW and OUR Walmart agents from entering any Walmart property, except to shop, in Arkansas ((read order), Florida ((read order), Texas ((read order), Colorado (read order), and Maryland ((read order); and in California from entering inside stores (read order).